It's so GOOOD, it's INSAAAANE !

Welcome to our Krazy world!

Why do we like lemon ? Because in this fruit everything is krazy good ! Peel, juice, pulp, yellow, green, uncooked, cooked, preserved, frozen ... and it's such a good source of Vitamin C for very few kilojoules. A little lemon is always soooo refreshing and so good for health!

All our products are made in Australia, from quality Australian lemon juice, with no colours or preservatives added... and of course with a dash of  FRENCH TOUCH TOO ! by the way, KRAZY LEMON is proud to be part of the 2014 BONJOUR GOLD COAST FRENCH FESTIVAL ( See you there !

Have you already met our Krazy Team ? Neil is our Krazy Rep, Chris is our Krazy Distributor (you can call him anytime to restock your fridges around Brisbane), Paula and Justin (meet them at Eat Street Market, Boggo Rd Market, Kelvin Grove Market and Wednesday City Market), Gina and Chris (Redcliffe Jetty Market).

Are you Krazy about lemon TOO ? Would you like to sell our lemonade at markets or in your shop ?  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US NOW (04 14 372 084).


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